Your custom house

is just the beginning of building your dream home.

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A Facade

that makes you smile every time you come home.

Exterior Design

Proper exterior design is a byproduct of efficiency, aesthetics, and attention to detail.

You can trust us to recommend a home based on your needs or design a custom home with an exterior fine-tuned to your personal taste. 

An Interior

that welcomes you with a warm embrace.

Interior Design

Making the most of every inch of your interior is paramount not only in terms of getting maximum enjoyment and utility from your home, but also to ensure your utility usage is optimized.

When building a custom home, let us help you create the custom interior layout that is optimal for your family a reality.

Two Ways to Find Your Home

Our years of experience have helped us create a tool to make getting started on building or finding your ideal home easier and interactive. We have a detailed list of every home we have built with high-quality digital assets at your fingertips. We take you one step closer to making your dream a reality.

Custom Homes

From Conception to Reality

You focus on the vision, we focus on the details. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of building a custom home.

Spec Homes

Ready to Go

We take decades of custom home building experience and insight and apply that to every pre-built home we create. Efficient, beautiful, and thoughtful.

The J Ferg Family

The quality of the home is ultimately based on the quality of the people who build it. Our Homes by J Ferg family is the best in the industry.